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Manamed medical information management and maintenance system


Manamed has provided the opportunity for the hospitals to lessen the costs and save time, and enables them to prevent overconsumption of resources. Using Manamed, hospitals can manage their questionnaires properly, and in case of any necessary changes, apply them with no added cost. Right now, if the management department needs to make a change in one or a few of the questionnaires, firstly they have to eradicate all the present questionnaires and then produce and print new ones. This can be both time consuming and costly. Manamed gives you the chance to modify your questionnaires easily, using the admin panel.

TutiaTeb comprehensive medical services solution

Although telemedicine is not a new concept in medicine, but since the final months of 2019 and with the widespread of Covid-19, more countries including Iran embarked on development of telemedicine systems.

The final goal of telemedicine is to lessen the physical presence of the patients in clinics, hospitals, and doctor offices. The main risk considering the people attending these places is transmitting of contagious diseases.

Aside from telemedicine, TutiaTeb’s services include home care and clinic management system.

Satrapp project management system

Project oriented management of organizations is one of the world’s commonest directorial methods. This way the whole activities needed to be done will be broken into projects with less scales than the original piece. Satrapp provides the best solution possible that enables you to achieve your short and long-term goals. Satrapp can cover the needs of all organization; from those small startups to the huge corporations.

Usually project management is performed either individually or as a group work. Tasks are simply distributed among the employees by the higher ranks of the organization and the follow-up happens accordingly.

However, in Satrapp’s way, an individual controls the whole process through this project management system. This project manager could be the actual leader of the organization or someone assigned by them. Using such a system can solve many problems that a company might face, and consequently the project will be managed in a much more disciplined pattern.

Satrapp learning management system

Sarmad business services provides an IT based solution which any person or organization is able to make their educational content accessible to others in a safe space. This way the content providers are ensured that there would be no plagiarism involved. On the other hand the costumers can be sure that the provided content is scientifically approved, and in case of any difficulty they can refer to someone who can aid them.

CRM (Customer relationship management)

CRM includes all the procedures, technologies, and human resources needed to absorb and keep the costumers. The goal of such systems is to manage the buyer-seller relationship and responsiveness in the best possible way.

Sarmad, exclusively produces CRMs in different areas such as medicine, science, and etc.