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Sarmad Business services, is after achieving the goal of providing the best possible organizational, communicational, automation, human resources, and educational solutions. Sarmad’s vision is to become the most functional and costumer oriented organization there is to set up and develop systems and IT services. We, at Sarmad, help you lower your costs continuously, and turn such threats into opportunities for organizational growth.

Sarmad’s significant costumers and business partners

< About Us>

After years of activity in management, engineering and service market of Iran (2010 – 2017), and considering the existing limitations for idea development and executing them, since the spring of 2017, we embarked on an independent organization in order to achieve the goal of providing the best possible organizational, communicational, automation, human resources, and educational solutions. During seven years of gaining experience, we witnessed hardships that solving each one of them could help better the wellbeing of society big time. Thus we decided to design and generate functional productions and counseling others on their technical and directorial issues.

Today and after 10 years of being active in various areas both dependently and independently, Sarmad is able to give out services to corporations in all levels of designing, counseling, performing, supervision, and development.

“We started Sarmad as an innovative company to provide the society with solutions.” Says the Sarmad chief executive on the beginning of Sarmad. “As graduates of the country’s finest universities, we decided to execute what has to be done. As parts of the Sarmad we never say “this task should be done.”, rather we say “Let’s do the job!””.

Our Team

Fundamental structure of Sarmad’s team is based on youth, talent, and dynamism. Almost all Sarmad employees are graduated from Iran’s top universities and they have embarked on the journey of gaining valuable experiences after finishing their academic studies. In Sarmad, we try to continuously update our knowledge and in consequence, grow in our everyday activities.

The foundation of our team is that there are no insolvable problems. We are after finding the best possible solution for every issue by helping each other out and maintaining synergy. Our slogan can guide us to the right direction: “We are able to create!”


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< Sarmad’s area of work >

Sarmad is able to provide services in all aspects that a business might need solutions; such as:

  • Counsel
  • Providing solutions for human resources management
  • Providing solutions for health care management
  • Providing content management systems (CMS)
  • Providing learning management systems (LMS)

The importance of saving time in organizations

Nowadays saving time, is counted as one of the main capitals of any organization. Perhaps, the most important advantage of time saving is being ahead of the work milestones previously set. Being ahead of such milestones can help the directorial and executive teams in work related stuff and it helps better the mental state of the team members. In other words, the organizations can develop more ideas and transform them into solutions in much less time than previously anticipated; because in the present era, no novel idea would remain novel for long, since there are huge corporations with idea development groups that would soon reach the previously assumed “novel” ideas.

The advantage, coming after the proper and scientific time management, is a peaceful workplace that affects the management and the employees as well. Getting closer to the deadlines formerly pinned, with the addition of a remarkable load of uncompleted work to be done, makes a stressful situation for all the team members. With the right time management system, not only the employees won’t be stressed out, they will be of more use and will act more sufficiently.

By providing solutions such as project management system, learning management system, etc. Sarmad Business Services gives institutions and organizations the benefit of managing time in the best ways possible.

Nowadays and considering the improvements made in every aspect of technology, development rate has increased remarkably. Thus utilizing the old methods in activities is getting out of date. One of the many cases is organizations’ management. High-tech methods are now being used in different levels of management like automation and human resources management systems, which could make directorial activities much more sufficient. This way managers can easily supervise the activities any employee has ongoing. Therefore the needed reforms could simply be applied. In other examples, managing entering and exiting times (starting and ending times) can get much more attainable using automation systems. Finally, by using accounting solutions paying employees will happen in a more organized format.

If you are in need of any IT-based solutions, or you are starting or expanding your business and you need consultation, contact us here at Sarmad.